Can You Get Mercury Poisoning From Silver Fillings? 5 Common Questions About Mercury Fillings

Silver fillings are also known as mercury fillings, metal fillings, and amalgam fillings. Even though dental professionals have been filling cavities for more than 100 years using silver fillings, people are starting to debate whether or not you can get … Continued

JAB Fitness Member Appreciation Party – Dino Event

Saturday, August 4, 2018Celebrating the kids at JAB Fitness!A special day for all the members of JAB Fitness. South Mountain Family Dental shared in the celebration!

Backpack and School Supply Drive

South Mountain Family Dental recently teamed up with Tempe Union High School District for a Backpack and School Supply Drive. A number of businesses in the community filled boxes, provided by South Mountain Family Dental, with supplies for the District. … Continued

Do Your Teeth Hurt? Here Are Some Common Tooth Diseases

Learn about different tooth diseases that could be affecting your oral health. Also known as dental diseases, diseases of the teeth and mouth are caused by microorganisms that produce toxic chemicals that destroy tissues in the mouth. Fix small problems now before they turn into bigger issues.

Damaged Teeth? Restorative Dentistry Services for Tooth Repair

Looking into your restorative dentistry options so you can understand what it takes to repair your damaged teeth? If one or more of your teeth have been somehow damaged, then it is definitely a good idea for you to take … Continued

What Are the Worst Habits For Your Dental Health?

The average person has several bad habits that compromise dental health. Such patterns are glaringly apparent to dentists, yet patients typically overlook them. There is a good chance you have at least one poor dental health habit and do not … Continued

How Can You Treat a Toothache After Hours?

If you have a toothache when the dentist's office is closed, you might feel as though your world is coming to an end. Some toothaches are unbearable for the person to function when the pain is present. A toothache that … Continued

Tooth Aligner Options and FAQ’s

Nowadays, there are so many options in tooth aligners that some even go as far as trying the DIY route. Companies sell tooth aligning kits for people to use on their own. Rather than attempting to make the mold on your own, … Continued

Backpack and School Supply Drive

May 21st – July 31st