On Par for a Purpose

November 8, 2018 @ Arizona Grand Golf Course The mission of the Tempe Union High Schools Education Foundation (TUHSEF) is to generate resources and build community partnerships to support Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) students and programs, reflecting the … Continued

What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint is the one that connects the jaw to the joints below the ears. This joint connects the jaw bone to the skull and is the joint that causes TMJ disorder. When this joint becomes irritated and causes … Continued

A Guide to The Veneers Process

Although many have considered dental veneers to improve their smile, some fear that the veneers process is too extensive and complicated. By understanding exactly what the veneers process consists of, you can make an informed decision as to whether dental … Continued

Dental Onlays: The Process From Start to Finish

Fillings or onlays: Which should you choose? You would need a dental onlay when the cavity in your tooth is too big for a regular filling but not severe enough for a dental crown. Dental onlays are one way to … Continued

What Is a Smile Correction Treatment?

Smile correction is simply a procedure done to improve the appearance on one’s smile, such as teeth whitening or a gum lift. While in an ideal world, we would not be concerned with how we look when we smile, the … Continued

How Many Teeth Does the Average Person Have?

Have you ever wondered how many teeth the average person has? Most of us do not even think to check when we are young. However, as we age the number of teeth we have begins to matter, especially if they … Continued

Learn Why Teeth Whitening is Not the Same As Teeth Brushing

Teeth whitening is different from teeth brushing and cleaning, and hence you need to understand the purpose for which you can use each one. Here we will look at the differences of each and how they can help you in different aspects of your oral health. #Teeth #Whitening #Dental

Will Aging Affect Your Dental Health?

Everyone wants to have good dental health as they age. With age comes wisdom….and aging. Our bodies change day by day, and our mouths are no exception. We often ask ourselves: What happens to our teeth when we age? Is … Continued