Tooth Aligner Options and FAQ’s

Nowadays, there are so many options in tooth aligners that some even go as far as trying the DIY route. Companies sell tooth aligning kits for people to use on their own. Rather than attempting to make the mold on your own, … Continued

Backpack and School Supply Drive

May 21st – July 31st

Popular Sleep Dentistry Options

Sleep dentistry is the perfect means of treating, cleaning or operating on the teeth, gums or other portions of the mouth in as painless of a manner as possible. Patients have a seemingly endless number of reasons to dislike visiting … Continued

Learn how to become a DENTAL ASSISTANT

Become a dental assistant with the Dental Assisting School of ArizonaLearn how to become a DENTAL ASSISTANT in just 13 weeks!Call 602.388.0028 or find Dental Assisting School of Arizona on Facebook.

My Dental Implant Crown Has Fallen Off

First things first, do not panic. Implant crowns have known to fall off if you happen to chew on hard foods that you shouldn’t be chewing on. It is possible for them to fall off if you chomp down on … Continued

ABILITY360 9th Annual 2018 Health & Wellness Fair

South Mountain Family Dental recently spent two days meeting the kind employees, guests of the center and other vendors at the Centers 9th Annual Health Fair. We are honored to have been part of the event and the cause. Ability … Continued

Fry’s Electronics Health Fair

South Mountain Family Dental had fun meeting their neighbors across the street at Fry’s Electronics in Tempe. The wonderful employees shared their smiles with us during their Health Fair event!

Valley Center of the Deaf 40th Anniversary

South Mountain Family Dental is thankful to have played a small part in the Valley Center of the Deaf 40th Anniversary celebration on April 22nd. Valley Center of the Deaf provides sign language interpreting for our deaf patients.

11 Causes of Tooth Pain

Let’s face it, tooth pain hurts. There is no sugar coating this fact. Tooth pain can limit us in our everyday lives. If your teeth or tooth hurt, it will be hard to be in a good mood. It will … Continued

Here’s A Quick Way Dentists Get Rid Of Bad Breath

There is a common misconception that dentists go to great lengths to prevent and eliminate bad breath.  The truth is dentists rely on quick and easy methods to combat halitosis just like everyone else. The question is what these oral … Continued