Taking Care of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a great way for patients to protect their teeth, and they are used for a variety of reasons, from preventing snoring to protecting teeth while playing sports. The effectiveness of the mouth guard, however, often depends on … Continued

Am I a Candidate for All-On-4®?

The All-on-4 method is innovative, efficient and one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. However, not everyone is a candidate as each person has a different mouth and bone structure which may make treatment difficult. People who are … Continued

Are Bleeding Gums a Cause for Concern? A Periodontist Answers

A periodontist is the right person to talk to if you are worried about bleeding gums. These are dentists who have additional training on issues affecting the gums. We've all had bleeding gums at some point in our lives. Causes … Continued

4 Ways a Sedation Dentist Can Help You

With a reputable sedation dentist, a trip to the dental chair does not have to be a harrowing experience. In the past, dentists relied on local anesthesia inside the mouth or inhaled laughing gas to complete uncomfortable procedures. Now, sedation … Continued

The Great Boat Race

Engineering students from McClintock, Tempe, Desert Vista, Mountain Pointe, Corona del Sol, and Marcos de Niza high schools went head-to-head in an epic boat racing competition. South Mountain Family Dental was there to cheer on the students! The annual competition, … Continued

South Mountain Family Dental

South Mountain Family Dental was live. South Mountain Family Dental, proud sponsor of the Kyrene School District’s, Inaugural Harmony Golf Tournament, held May 4, 2019. All proceeds go to the creation of a Harmony Park at Paloma Elementary School. Proceeds … Continued

How Mouth Guards Can Help With Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Mouth guards are a great way to prevent teeth grinding from affecting your oral health. By understanding exactly what a nighttime mouth guard is and how it is custom-made to prevent your teeth grinding and help you gain a quality … Continued

An Introduction to Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a group of general or reconstructive dental treatments performed collectively to totally transform the dentition, including restoring a lost tooth, fixing damaged teeth and correcting jaw alignment. The result is an improved smile with a … Continued

How Is Tooth Decay Diagnosed at Your Dental Checkup?

During a dental checkup, a dentist examines the teeth and gums for any problem areas. Early tooth decay may not show any symptoms at first. This is why it is of the utmost importance that patients never skip a dental … Continued

3 Year Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary/Ribbon Cutting Open House Event Thursday, January 17, 2019